Lace up gladiator sandals

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Title : Lace up gladiator sandals
link : Lace up gladiator sandals

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Lace up gladiator sandals

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                                                                                                  sandals: choies / here
                                                                                                  shorts: zara
                                                                                                  t-shirt: coca-cola / here
                                                                                                  vest: MO première‬ / here
                                                                                                  bag: gucci
                                                                                                  sunglasses: ray ban
                                                                                                  bracelets: manola / here
                                                                                                  watch: daniel wellington
                                                                                                  ph. Masa

Gladiator sandals are back and they are more powerful than ever! As the shoe of the season they are instant head-turners and if you wanna feel like a goddess or a warrior princess get laced up in summer's gladiator sandal! They will transform your basics from boring to a statement-making look.
This time I paired them with a denim shorts from Zara, amazing leather vest from MO première‬ 
and retro t-shirt from the upcoming Coca-Cola pop up store! The iconic Coca-Cola 'contour' bottle celebrates its 100th birthday this year and to celebrate Coke is opening a pop-up store in Belgrade. So if you are in town from 2nd to 8th July (for more information click here), be sure to visit it and grab some cool items (hint-lip smacker)!

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